Flight 1923

The rain started pouring harder, harder then I’ve ever seen before. The sky had become pitch black and ever so often a bright cracking streak would scream across the darkness […]

Non Fiction

The view was beautiful. The water was a crisp light blue, the sky a couple shades lighter. The bright sun tanning your skin, so hot you can feel it, so […]

Writing Seminar

As me and Vanessa did Nicholas Sparks as our author, this is my emulation from part of his book “The Notebook“. Mine: Who am I kidding? I lead a troubled […]

Hallway Pain

Is it that hard to move through a hallway? It should be a steady flow of people sticking to the right side of the hall. Not here. Not in my […]

Work Overload

School. A work overload. Eight hours of school at school, three more hours at home. Each teacher having high expectations and all different. Pile on the books, the tests, the […]

Slight mist coming off the water, the small waves thart think they’re so mighty, the fast pace that can sweep you off your feet faster then you know whats happening. […]


Every guy can find a Girl whos love will conquer all, Is is like a blossoming flower, Beautiful and fragile. Sometimes it’ll get bruised, It needs to be taken care […]

Chair to Pillow

I’ll sit here and hold you, Make you feel loved. Switching you out just feels absurb, Screw something new I need you. You make me feel whole, No matter how […]

Death Kiss

The hallways are getting blurry, I swear I’m going to run into something. I don’t know how close he is anymore, nor how long I’ve been running. I can’t breathe […]

Penalty of War

Both our husbands went off to war. Same day, same year, same mission. They told us they were going to look out for eachother no matter what happened out there. […]